Word count differences between Word, Trados 2007, 2011, 2014 & 2015

How many times has a word count being questioned? Well, it is not just a matter of what parser and settings have been used, but also the amount of considerations and exceptions in place. Here, these guys tried to explained it and they did a very good job while at it:



3 ways to add subtitles (closed captions) in Articulate Storyline

Matthew Guyan, in the Articulate community, wrote this great piece on 3 different ways to add subtitles (closed captions) in Articulate Stroyline:


From a localization point of view, the best and “correct” way would be the “Use Variable” method. For clients, most of the time, it is imperative to sync the text to the action. For the localization process, exporting and re-importing this text is a must for an easier cheap translation.

As a side note, just keep your lines short at creation, so you don’t have to divide in more chunks your subtitles.