Right to Left Copying and Pasting of Periods and Parentheses

The Problem:

When copying and pasting parentheses and periods in right-to-left character sets, especially when they were positioned as the last character, these will be arranged in the wrong place, or will be flipped for some reason. The issue is very frequent when there is a mixture of English and Arabic, Urdu, etc.

Here is the text in Word:

2019 06 06 at 10 55 AM

I would select it, and then paste it into Storyline. Here is how it looked:

2019 06 06 at 10 54 AM

The Solution:

In Word, position the cursor just before (DSU):

2019 06 06 at 10 58 AM

Go to the Tab Insert, Symbols, More Symbols:

2019 06 06 at 11 00 AM

Select Special Characters, Right-to-Left Embedding, and the click on Insert:

2019 06 06 at 11 01 AM

Now, if you try the copy and paste again, it should work as expected:

2019 06 06 at 11 03 AM

Note: this could also work for many other characters and for many other tools, i.e. InDesign, PowerPoint, etc.

Support in Trados Studio 2015 for IDMLs created in InDesign CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019

Trados Studio 2015, by default, will not process InDesign’s IDML files created with versions CC 2017, 2018 and 2019. Here is the screen you will get when you drag the files for translation:
Screen Shot 2019 03 22 at 11 17 57 AM

The two Warning messages read “Pre-Scanning failed to identify the file type, the following messages were generated:” and “Pre-Scanning Error: The selected IDML file was created by an unsupported version of Adobe InDesign and will not be processed”.


The Work Around

Before you add the files, click on File Types…

Now, search for Adobe InDesign CS4-CC IDML, expand it, and click on Common. On the right panel, you will click on Process unsupported file versions.

Now, you should be able to process files without any known issues, for at least version the versions mentioned above.